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On top of talking about healing, living and this new life we now have. We are taking Dread Friends and cancer victims on fun outings like, rock climbing, hip hop appreciation classes, rafting, festivals, boating,  camp outs,  concerts,  fishing, yoga, dance classes, week long camps, earth shipping, spiritual awakening journeys and much much more.


David Jones



We have DREADS,

so we are AWESOME

Our main Office is in Boise Idaho, next will be Portland Oregon but we will soon have offices set up in Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom to make shipping to us easier for everyone.


Long Term

​​​Oh my goodness they have dreads!!!! Lets break this down. Dread heads are amazing. Whether you have a full head or just one. We are all brothers and sisters under one sky, universe, galaxy. We are the friendliest sub-culture on the planet. We are the ones changing the planet. Waking people up and loving everyone.

Every head full of dreads is a beautiful one.

It takes a team of dedicated people to make sure our dreadlock clinic is reaching out to as many communities as it can so people everywhere have access to our dread services. We're fortunate to have some of the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.

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Dreadlocks. It's just hair. Wrong. Must be dirty. Wrong. Until you have them you don't get it. One day you took a leap of faith and wanted something more. You needed a new chapter. You wanted to be different. Dreadlocks. They're ancient they're tribal they're raw. But most of all they are you. I mean the real you. Dreadlocks. They are the light on a grey day. They're the funky style amongst the norm. They're your one way ticket into the club of cool. Dreadlocks. They inspire and wow passers by and jealous onlookers. They intrigue and bring questions. They brought their creator out of their shell and made you brave. Dreadlocks. We're a family we are the groove in the smooth. We write and sing. We paint and create. We draw and explore. Dreadlocks. We dance and hoop. Throw fire in loops. We make we mend. We sit and knit. Dreadlocks. They're alive and give us life. They teach you and show you the way. Some of them are fat some are thin. Just like people and the trees we walk among. You dress them up and decorate them. They hold memories and love. Dreadlocks. They're your friends. They're the comfort to your baby as they help them fall asleep. They're a scarf in the winter keeping you warm. Dreadlocks. You colour and style them. They are your very own masterpiece. If someone insults them you don't stand for it. They're your babies they've become who you are. Dreadlocks. We are a tribe. We are different. We are love and light. We are hope for a better healthier world. We are the ones who smell the roses while others rush by. We are the ones that lay in the grass and gaze at the stars. We are the ones who have woken up. Dreadlocks.
Thank you and Namaste
What we are about is to provide dreads to any person who once had dreads then has suffered from cancer, lost their hair, now would like some magically powered healing dreads. We believe that the big bushy, wild thing, on top of your head is something that benefits both the wearer and the community at large. People with dreads are unique, free thinkers and as beautiful as the earth is round. Losing a loved one is devastating. All of our stories are different. For some its as if we entered a real hell. Well we would like to help, educate on what to do, how to feel, then take our lives back and live it to the fullest . Not just for our selves but for our loved one. . 


Amie Shoemaker 

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A dream team to hand out dream dreads 


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Founder & Chief Executive Leader

Carson M. Goff 

The Beautiful Humans Making A Change

​​​​​When you donate your dreadlockss to Dreads For Friends. They can help out not just 1 victim but up to 50 family/friends that need some help too!Fun Fact: 10 sets of donated dreadlocks make 8 wigs!Also educate our brothers and sisters on how to deal with life after cancer. What to expect and how to prepare for every thing that comes with that.

Peyton A Burdwell

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