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Dreadlocks Of Love 

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If you know or dont know when you want cut off your dreads or need that extra time.

Helping raise money by setting a donation goal for cutting off your dreads for funds to our Charity is a great way to help.

It'll give you more time with your dreadlocks if you dont have a date, while knowing your doing it for a great cause. Then when you reach your donation fund amount you should be ready.


If you live in America or one of the countries that is in USA tax treaty.

When you donate the funds raised you can right them off on your taxes or as much as your taxes allow you. 

There are many fund raising sites but two of the most popular  funding sites are Go Fund Me & Indie Go Go.

Choose whom ever you like most or are most comfortable with.

It Can Be Hard and Emotional to be Cutting off ones Dreads