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Dreadlocks Of Love 

We Love You! Lets Live!

We Will Follow You Back

By becoming a pledged hair salon we will put your website / store information on our site.

Thus people in your area can find you to cut off their hair / dreads to get sent in to us and then have their hair styled!

Thank You!

We Love You! Lets Live!

3.  Send Your Donated

Locks, Dreads, & Combings To Our Charity

Get new hair clients Get for your salon.

4.  After We Start Receiving Hair From Your

Salon. We Will Send Over Things For

Your Salon and Donors!

Dreadlocked and Straight Hair Customers Looking To Get Their Hair Cut, Styled and Then Their Hair Sent To Us

Our Guidelines Are Very Simple (6inch inch rule)

Will have HTML code soon to crypt your site with photo

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2. We Will Put Your Info On Our Site

Encouraging People To Come To Your Salon.

Salon promotion there are many marketing ideas for the hair market and to market hair. Beauty marketing, salon marketing, ideas of how to get more hair customers in stylist to come work at your hair salon. It's quite simple attracting or to attract customers and get special ideas for your salon business. Hairdressers market and to get Salon customers for a hairstylist to bring in client or to get client are things to make a hair business, salon business successful. Clients and salon clientele and salon tips. Building a salon and to build clientele is key for any successful hair business. To cutting clients hair to how to attract more customers as well as marketing ideas to attract new hair customers and even the best way to attract salon new customers. Can be very easy if you come up with the correct ideas to attract new salon customers. The best way to attract new hair customers to your hair salon to create your salon business to be bigger is this one simple idea. So the easiest way for hairstylist marketing, new marketing of hair stylist ideas is hairstylist marketing tips. Some of the best ways for a salon business plan is starting a salon so a hair salon or a nail salon the business plan of even a spa business could work there are keys simple details. That when owning a hair salon or a beauty business is all about how to start a hair salon and everything it entails new customers looking to get their hair styled and cut and customers looking to get their hair cut and styled the key is if you build it they will come.


Festival Ticket Package Perk

 Festival Hoodie Perk

Get Your Name On a Plaque

For Donating !!!! --------->

Add Our Logo To Your Web Site

Letting  Customers Know They Are At The Right Place

how to get new hair clients

Local Hair Stylist Near You To Cut Off Those  Dreads or Locks To Donate 

1. Send Us Your Salon Information

Get More Business To Your Salon Being A Pledged Hair Salon of Dreads For Friends

While Customers Are Waiting To Get A Hair  Cut

Have Them Fill Out The Hair Donation Form or

Have Them Do It Before They Come In To The Salon

(Have a few forms ready on hand                         )

Hair donations matter but green donations

really help us keep the lights on and the organization running.

If your salon is able to make a tax deductible donation that would be wonderful.

A neat way of helping is asking Customers after a hair cut is if they would like to round up on their total to donate to

Dreads For Friends.


Festival Ticket Package Perk

 Festival Hoodie Perk

Get Your Name On a Plaque

For Donating !!!! --------->